Dean's Circle

The College of Liberal Arts is proud to recognize alumni and friends who have committed to making an impact through annual gifts. Through their sustained generosity, donors create invaluable opportunities for innovative researchers and deserving students. 

College of Liberal Arts

Patton Hall

The Dean’s Circle is a group of donors who provide critical support that allows the college to seize opportunities as it strives toward its goal of excellence in Liberal Arts. All members will be invited to an annual Dean’s Circle event each year. In addition, members are recognized on the Liberal Arts website and will receive periodic updates from the Dean.

The college continues to expand to benefit students, and has grown increasingly competitive on the national and international stages. To foster programs, scholarships, and research that shape the leaders of tomorrow, the college relies on the generosity of its donors.

Join us as we continue a tradition of excellence in the Liberal Arts at The University of Texas at Austin. Become a part of this community that is changing the world.

  • Electronic updates from the college
  • Website recognition
  • Invitation to annual Dean’s Circle Event 
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  • Dean's Circle 2023-24 Members

    Mr. and Mrs. Todd S. Aaron

    Chris Abbott

    Ms. Sophia Ahmad

    Mr. Felix Akompi

    Ms. Sallie Alcorn

    Mr. and Mrs. Fields Alexander

    Mr. Patrick Alsup

    Ms. Mena Amin

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Appleman

    Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Appleman

    Margaret and Wayne Arrington

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Atkinson

    Mr. Andre Azevedo

    Javad Azimpoor

    Ms. Katherine Baehl

    Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Baker

    Mr. Vivek Bakshi

    Dr. Peter Balash and Beth Ane Jackson

    Ms. Joan M. Barrett

    Dr. and Mrs. John M. Beall

    Dr. John Beavers

    Mr. Brent Bechtol and Ms. Hailey Bechtol

    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Bell

    Howard and Wendy Berk

    David and Ellen Berman

    Mrs. Elizabeth Berman

    Mr. Melvin J. Berning, Jr. and Ms. Mary Dell Harrington

    Bill and Katie Weaver Charitable Trust

    Barbara and Bill Binder

    Mr. Jack E. Blake, Jr. and Mrs. Mary T. Blake

    Ms. Catherine Blazek

    Ms. Allison F. Bloom and Mr. Gabriel Rutman

    Vice Admiral Raquel Bono

    Mr. Samuel Bradshaw

    Mr. Walter Bratic

    Mr. Hans Brindley

    Dr. Donald Brode and Susan Terrell

    Dr. David Brown

    Mr. Gregory Brown

    James R. Brown

    Mr. Barrett Bruce and Mrs. Ellen Bruce

    Mr. Mark Bryan

    The Bucy Family Fund

    Tony Budet

    Thomas Burnham

    Mr. Gary Cacciatore

    John W. Caldwell, Jr.

    Dr. Guy N. Cameron

    Mr. Larry A. Campagna

    Elizabeth Carey and Simon Webb

    Ms. Leslie Carruth

    Dr. Daniela Bini and Dr. Joseph C. Carter, Jr

    Mr. Arthur Catterall and Mrs. Jana Catterall

    Ms. Roxanna Ramirez and Mr. Ruben C. Cavazos

    Ms. Christine Chemell

    Dr. Stephen L. Chew and Dr. Daisy Y. Wong

    Dr. William R. Childs and Mrs. M. Suzanne Childs

    Mr. Martin Chodorow

    Mr. Andrew Chu

    Mr. Joseph A. Cialone, II

    Mr. Daniel Cidon

    Paul B. Clayton, Jr., Ph.D.

    Deborah Clearman

    Dr. Helen P. Clements

    Dr. David H. Coe

    Scott and Barbi Cohen

    Mrs. Amy Cole

    Mr. and Mrs. James T. Collins

    Mr. Robert K. Conklin

    Mrs. Anne A. Conner

    Mr. Christopher Coye

    Elizabeth Crook and Marc Lewis Foundation

    Mr. R. Caven Crosnoe and Mrs. Sue Y. Crosnoe

    Mrs. Claire Crumbley and Mr. Alex Crumbley

    Mr. Richard Crumly and Ms. Stefanie L. Scott

    Ms. Ashley Cruse and Mr. Samuel W. Cruse III

    Mr. Austin Curley

    Mr. Gregory Curran

    Jim and Laura Ann Curry

    Dr. and Mrs. Bill Curtis

    Mr. and Mrs. Josiah M. Daniel III

    Mr. Kurt Daum

    Mr. and Mrs. Victor de la Garza, Jr.

    Dr. Jeremy S. Dean and Ms. Karin Akre

    Yvon and Carol Delville

    Dr. Carolyn H. Denham and Mr. Robert E. Denham

    Mrs. Wendy Denham

    Mr. Jim Derryberry

    Al and Julie Tindall DeVincentis

    Mr. David W. Dibble and Dr. Kathryn E. Holliday

    Dr. Tommy Douglas and Ms. Linda Shead

    Mr. Ross E. Dowling

    Ms. Jordan T. Downs

    David L. and Adrienne S. Draper

    Dr. Christopher Dreiling

    Mr. Frederick Dure

    Rhonda and Lynn D. Durham, Jr.

    Marianne Dwight and Ed Dwight

    Ms. Mary Edwards

    The Cain Foundation

    Mrs. Christine C. Egan

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Egan

    Victor Elizalde and Jean-Marie Winikates

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric O. English

    Ms. Dia Epstein and Mr. Barry Epstein

    Dr. Edmund L. Erde and Mrs. Judy Erde

    Mrs. Susan S. Fainter

    Mrs. Margaret Fanning

    Jonathan and Carrie Feig

    John T. Fenoglio

    Ms. Hallie Ferguson

    Joseph and Jody Ferguson

    Mr. Walter K. L. Ferguson, Jr. and Mrs. Kelly S. Ferguson

    Richard P. Finney

    Mr. Craig Fisher

    David and Sara Elizabeth Fletcher

    Chad W. Forsberg and Suzanne M. Forsberg

    Michael Fowler and Cynthia Fowler

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Frankel

    Mr. Brandon W. Freeman

    Mr. David Friedland

    Mr. William P. Frisbie II

    Dr. Nicholas Fuller

    Garcia Family Foundation

    Dr. Juliet V. Garcia and Mr. Oscar E. Garcia

    Dr. David A. Garza and Dr. Stephanie L. Kodack

    Mr. F. John Garza

    Gabriela Gattulli

    Mr. Parth Gejji

    Mr. Devin Geoghegan and Ms. Su Mei Chen

    Ms. Pamela M. Giblin

    Jo A. Giese and Edward W. Warren

    Michael Gilbert and Natalia Macias

    Dr. Michael L. Gillette and Mrs. LeAnn Gillette

    Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gilmer III

    Stephen and Meggie Gilstrap

    Gary Gleb and Mary Dant

    Ms. Carolyn Holt Goldston

    Suzanne and Alexander Golten

    Mr. David Goodman

    Mr. Marshall P. Gorges

    Mrs. Barbara Graham

    Dr. Laura Graham

    Mrs. Carol Grant Gray and Mr. Ernest D. Gray

    Mr. Robert Greenblum

    John and Betsy Greytok

    Ms. Zenzi M. Griffin

    Ms. Erika Griffith

    Ms. Suzanne Groves

    Mr. Kent Guida

    Dr. Cathy and William Timothy Hamilton

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hancock

    James and Tina Hanna

    Kirk and Judith K. Hansen

    Judye and John Hartman

    Mr. Christopher L. Hartwell

    Mr. Charles H. and Ms. Hailey A. Hasenbank

    Mr. Todd L. Hasie

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Hatfield

    Mr. and Mrs. Derek R. Hawkins

    Ms. Kimberly Haynes

    Dr. Mark D. Hayward and Ms. Linda S. Abbey

    Raymond He

    Dr. Jerald L. Head

    Dr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Hemphill

    Ms. Joyce Anne Hendy

    Laura Hensley and Harold Hensley

    Mr. Harvey Herd

    Mary Hickok and Wilhelm P. Vins

    Mr. Michael Hidalgo

    Mrs. Barbara Snyder Nelson Hinds and Mr. Benjamin L. Hinds

    Mr. Charles F. Hinger

    Emily L. Hirsh, M.D.

    Mark W. Holt, M.D.

    Dr. Steven M. Hoppes and Ms. Linda K. Bell

    Mr. Amir Hosseini and Ms. Atousa Safa

    Stephen H. Houston

    The Honorable and Mrs. Harry L. Hudspeth

    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin H. Hugman

    Mr. William Insull

    Sylvia Jabour and David Jabour

    Mrs. Melinda N. Jackson

    Mr. William J. Jackson

    Doug and Emily Jacobson

    Mr. Vinit Jagdish

    Mr. Jonathan Jarratt

    Mr. Ashby Johnson

    Matthew and Michelle Johnson

    Rose Ann Medlin and William E. Joor III

    Mrs. Anjali G. Joshi

    Dr. Jane Joyce

    Ms. Robin Kamin

    Mrs. Katherine Kardesch

    Mr. William Kellogg

    Mrs. Patricia H. Kelso

    Mr. Robert Kendrick

    Dr. Erin Kobetz and Dr. David Kerman

    Annie and Spencer Kerr

    James Everett and Betty Wilson Key

    Ms. Sandra Kibby

    Mr. John Kilgore

    Dr. Mary Killough

    Ms. Sally S. Kleberg

    Mrs. Judy Koehl

    Mr. and Mrs. Rodney C. Koenig

    Dr. Ariel and Kelly Kruger

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Kuhn

    Ms. Julie C. Kyse

    Lt. Col. (Ret.) Burnett F. LaChance and Mrs. Loree LaChance

    Mr. and Mrs. Adam N. Lampert

    Mr. and Mrs. N. John Lancaster, Jr.

    Laura and John Arnold Foundation

    Ms. Agnes Law

    Mr. Sergio Leal

    Mr. and Mrs. Hunter P. Lee

    Mrs. Lorraine Leftwich

    Mr. William L. Atkins and Ms. Myra L. Leo

    Dr. David Letson

    Natalie and John Levan

    Mr. Bradley S. Lewis and Ms. Lori Wittlin

    Mr. and Mrs. Campbell C. Lewis

    Joan D. Lewis, Ph.D.

    Dr. Naomi E. Lindstrom

    Ms. Laura Linhart-Kistner and Mr. Kirk Kistner

    Mr. Gregory O. Lipscomb

    Mr. Mark Lloyd

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lofgren

    Colonel George E. Loughran

    Mr. Ara and Ms. Traci L. Lovitt

    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lynch

    H. Malcolm Macdonald Charitable Trust

    Ms. Melinda Machado

    Ms. Lucia Palacios Maley

    Drs. David and Jane Malin

    Dr. Nancy A. Mandell

    Roger and Karen Marrero

    Dr. Frances Martin

    Mr. Paul Martin

    Dr. Timothy and Teresita Tecson Martin

    Mr. Craig Massey

    Dr. Eladio Mateo Toledo and Dr. Telma Can Pixabaj

    Mr. and Mrs. W. Warren Matthews

    Dr. Steven R. and Melissa (Marrs) May

    Kyle Mays

    Mr. James W. McBride

    Mr. and Mrs. Murray J. McCabe

    William and Elinor "Poppy" F. McCarty

    Dr. and Mrs. Craig D. McClain

    Mrs. Ann K. McCulloch

    Melanie McDonald and William A. Worthington

    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. McFarland

    Mr. and Mrs. Connelly T. McGreevy

    McLane Family Charitable Foundation

    Mr. J. McLane

    Mr. Naman Mehra

    Drs. Madeline C. Sutherland-Meier and Richard P. Meier

    Mr. William Methenitis

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Mickelsen

    Dr. Jim Miller

    Mr. Reza K. Mojtabaee-Zamani

    Suzanne Monford

    Ms. Samantha D. Kell and Mr. Judson O. Morrison IV

    Rosemary Morrow, Ph.D.

    Ms. Patricia Moulton

    Mrs. Jennifer Moyer

    Dr. Rashmi Mullur and Dr. Ravi Aysola and

    Carmen Carter and Donald Mulraney

    Mulva Family Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Mulva

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Murray

    Dr. Jan E. Mutchler

    Mr. Benjamin J. Nale

    National Philanthropic Trust

    Dr. Michael Nill and Dr. Irene Cohen

    Mrs. Janis Nooteboom

    Norman Lewis Revocable Trust

    Mr. Dan T. O'Neil and Ms. Deborah J. Maurstad

    Mr. John Ogden

    Mr. and Mrs. D. Dudley Oldham

    Mr. Michael Oldham

    Mrs. Kathleen Oliver

    Once Upon a Time

    Mr. Tyler H. Onitsuka

    Ms. Carol Paddock

    Ms. Susan G. Palombo

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Paslay

    Dr. Amar Patel

    Drs. Merry E. Makela and C. O. Patterson

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Patton, Jr.

    Ms. Casey Taylor Paul

    Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Pendery

    Mr. John H. Peper

    Ms. Alisa Peppers

    Mr. Paul Perea

    Mr. and Mrs. Marshall G. Phaneuf

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Phaneuf

    Kevin Poe

    Patrick Poleshuk

    Cyrena N. Pondrom, Ph.D.

    Russell and Stephanie Post

    Ms. Rose Potter

    Mr. Anthony Poullard

    Mr. Steven Prager

    Ms. Jean Radelat

    Mrs. Elysia Ragusa

    Esther L. Raizen, Ph.D.

    Vasu Raja and Maureen Milligan

    Ms. Jennifer L. Ramsey

    Mr. Bryan Rand

    Dr. Eileen Donohue and Mr. John N. Rando

    Mr. Dan Rather

    Mr. Andrew A. and Mrs. Courtney E. Raymond

    Ms. Cristina Rebello

    Mr. Kevin S. Reed and Mrs. Jennifer J. Barrett

    Dr. Nicolas Reyes

    Mr. Samuel D. Rhea

    Ms. Caitlin E. Rhodes and Mr. Akers Moore

    Mr. Matt R. Ridewood

    Mr. Jason A. Rios

    Ryan Ritchey

    Ms. Mary Ritter and Jack F. Ritter, Jr., Capt. USN Ret.

    Roberta Wright Reeves Trust

    Mrs. Nancy J. Roberts

    Mr. and Mrs. Whit Roberts

    Robinson Value Management, Amy & Charles Robinson

    Ms. Erica Robinson

    Mr. Henry S. Robles

    Mr. Sean P. Rodriguez

    Mr. Paul Rogers

    Mr. Scot M. Rogerson

    Mr. Steven Rosenbaum

    Barbara K. Rothschild and David P. Allen

    Mrs. Dachiell Rowdon

    The Honorable Frank B. Rynd

    Laura Sands

    Ms. Kellie R. Sauls

    Mr. Eric Schmidt

    Dr. Christopher B. Schulze

     Ms. Stefanie L. Scott and Mr. Richard Crumly

    Dr. Charles Seidel

    Mr. Brian Seitz

    Mrs. Michelle Appelrouth Seltzer

    Ms. Mallory Shaddix

    Ms. Leslie Shaunty and Mr. Robert M. Topp

    Mrs. Jennifer Shepherd

    David A. and Susan D. Sheppard

    Ms. Anna Shoemaker

    Mr. Brian Siegal

    Mr. J. Sikora

    Mr. and Mrs. Aaron P. Simpson

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Sims

    Ms. Sapna Singh and Mr. Mehul Parikh

    Mrs. Dolores Silva Smith

    Mrs. Sandra E. Snyder

    Mr. Joseph Sorenson

    Tara Terneny Speer

    Stagen Family Charitable Trust

    Mrs. Jennifer Stagen

    Mr. Patrick Staha

    Dr. and Mrs. Sam R. Stanbery, Jr.

    Regent and Mrs. Stuart W. Stedman

    Mr. and Mrs. R. Kenley Steeg

    Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Michele Steele

    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Stewart

    Mr. and Mrs. Robb P. Stewart

    Dr. Michael B. Stoff and Ms. Raquel Schuster

    Mr. William F. Stutts, Jr. and Ms. Susan P. Campbell

    Mr. Douglas and Dr. Mary Suell

    Mr. Julian C. Suez

    Sam and Catherine Susser

    Dr. Steven A. Sutton and Barbara T. Sutton

    Mr. Michael A. Swartzendruber

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sweet

    Dr. Min Tang

    Ms. Carter Tatum

    Professor Melinda Taylor

    Dr. Donald Brode and Susan Terrell

    The Bernard & Audre Rapoport Foundation

    The Dedman Foundation

    The Roadrunner 2018 Revocable Trust

    Mr. Gary Thomas

    James Thompson

    Mr. Justus Timmers

    Ms. Eileen Tobias

    Dr. Eladio Mateo Toledo and Dr. Telma Can Pixabaj

    Ms. Leslie Shaunty and Mr. Robert M. Topp

    Ms. Rosie Tran

    Mr. William Tyler

    Dr. and Mrs. Everett M. Upshaw

    Mr. J. Michael Urban and Ms. Barbara J. Duganier

    Mildred L. Vacek Family Trust

    David Veiseh

    Ms. Amy Villarreal

    Hrishikesh Vinod

    Christopher Wagner and Keri Wagner

    Ms. Maria Wagner

    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick P. Walker

    Walton Family Foundation, Inc.

    Mr. J. Thomas Ward

    Mr. David Webb

    Mr. W. Thomas Weir

    Mr. John Whatley

    Mr. Thomas L. Whatley

    Dr. Andrew B. White, Jr. and Mrs. Judith W. White

    Mrs. Marilyn M. White

    Ms. Louise D. Wilbanks

    Mr. Marshall Wilkerson

    Vasilia T. Wilkes and J. Laurens Wilkes

    Julie and Troy L. Williams

    Kathy S. Williams, Ph.D.

    Dr. M. Wright Williams and Dr. Michelle M. Byron

    Mr. R. Samuel Williams

    Jay Williams and Dena Williams

    Jim and Lela Windham

    Mr. Brian Winter

    Mr. Jorge Woldenberg

    Dr. Gary R. Wolfe

    Ms. Sarah B. Wolfe

    Thomas Wood

    Professor Anthony Woodbury

    Dr. Wanfu Wu and Ms. Lixin Wang

    Don Charles Wukasch

    Mr. and Mrs. James C. Wynne III

    Dr. Hussein Yamani

    Drs. Alba A. Ortiz and James R. Yates

    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Yoder

    Dr. Emily Young and Dr. Serge Dedina

    Mr. Evan Young

    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Young

    Ms. Miao Yu

    Mr. Adam J. Zaner and Mrs. Karin M. Zaner

    Ms. Evelyn Zohlen

    Mr. Mark Zora

    This list represents members whose gifts were received between September 1, 2023 and April 2, 2024. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If your name was omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and notify us so we may correct the error. 

  • Questions about the Dean's Circle?

    For questions regarding the Dean's Circle, email 

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