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List of Ph.D.s awarded in the 1930s. (List is incomplete.)


Joel Garland Downum
Dissertation: The Place of Madagascar in Anglo-French Rivalry

Ralph B. Long
Dissertation: Dissenters, Whigs, and Tories: 1679-1685

Mildred P. Mayhall (Professor, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX)
Dissertation: The Indians of Texas: the Atakapa, the Karankawa, the Tonkawa

Ohland Morton
Dissertation: The Life of General Don Manuel de Mier y Teran as it Affected Texas-Mexican Relations, 1821-1832.

Grady Daniel Price
Dissertation: The United States and West Florida, 1803-1812

Ernest C. Shearer
Dissertation: Border Diplomatic Relations between the United States and Mexico, 1848-1860

John David Unruh
Dissertation: South Dakota in 1889


Ima Christina Barlow (Professor, West Texas State College, Canyon, TX)
Dissertation: The Agadir Crisis
Supervised by: Thad W. Riker

Jefferson Davis Bragg
Dissertation: Louisiana in the Confederacy

Richard Abraham Johnson
Dissertation: The Mexican Revolution of Ayutla, 1854-1855

Annie Laura Middleton
Dissertation: Studies Relating to the Annexation of Texas by the United States.

Henrietta Murphy
Dissertation: Spanish Presidial Administration as Exemplified by the Inspection of Pedro de Rivera, 1724-1728

William Curtis Nunn
Dissertation: Texas during the Administration of E.J. Davis

Harold Robert Schoen
Dissertation: The Free Negro in the Republic of Texas

Ralph Adam Smith
Dissertation: A.J. Rose, Agrarian Crusader of Texas


Gladys Grace Gregory
Dissertation: ''El Chamizal'' : a Boundary Problem between the United States and Mexico

Frank Driver Reeve
Dissertation: The Federal Indian Policy in New Mexico, 1858-1860

Rex Wallace Strickland
Dissertation: Anglo-American Activities in Northeastern Texas, 1803-1845


Margaret McGill
Dissertation: Diplomatic Relations between the United States and Argentina, 1830-1860

James Taylor (Professor, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX)
Dissertation: The Diplomacy of the Bagdad Railway


Elward Maurice Caldwell
Dissertation: The War of ''La reforma'' in Mexico, 1858-1861

H. Bailey Carroll (Professor, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX)
Dissertation: The Route of the Texan Santa Fe Expedition

Edward Davis
Dissertation: History of Federal Relations with the Five Civilized Tribes of Indians since 1865

Robert Pattison Felgar
Dissertation: Texas in the War for Southern Independence, 1861-1865

Helen Willits Harris
Dissertation: The Public Life of Nepomuceno Almonte

Fritz Leo Hoffmann
Dissertation: Francisco Celiz's Diary of the Alarcon Expedition into Texas, 1718-1719

Ralph Halstead Parker
Dissertation: Imperialism and the Liberation of Cuba (1868-1898)

Charmion Shelby
Dissertation: International Rivalry in Northeastern New Spain, 1700-1725


Stephen Adolphus Caldwell
Supervised by: A Banking History of Louisiana

Claude Elliott (Professor, Dean, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX)
Dissertation: The Life of James W. Throckmorton

William Forrest Sprague (President, Stephen F. Austin University, Nacogdoches, TX)
Dissertation: The Life of Vicente Guerrero, Mexican Revolutionary Patriot, 1782-1831
Supervised by: Eugene C. Barker

Carl Bassett Wilson
Dissertation: A History of Baptist Educational Efforts in Texas, 1829-1900

Paul Patterson Young
Dissertation: Mexican Oil and American Diplomacy


Walter Edgar Hancock
Dissertation: The Career of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (1794-1833)


Lelia Bailey
Dissertation: The Life and Public Career of O.M. Roberts, 1815-1883

James Horace Bass (Professor of History (1941-1962), Texas A and M, College Station, TX)
Dissertation: Georgia in the Confederacy 1861-1866

Carlos Eduardo Castaneda (Professor, Librarian, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX)
Dissertation: Morfi's History of Texas; a Critical, Chronological Account of the Early Exploration, Attempts at Colonization, and the Final Occupation of Texas by the Spaniards

Abigail Curlee
Dissertation: A Study of Texas Slave Plantations, 1822 to 1865

Benjamin Harvey Good
Dissertation: John Henninger Reagan

Lee Albert McGee
Dissertation: History of Colorado Territory

Richard Rollin Stenberg
Dissertation: American Imperialism in the Southwest, 1800-1837


Clifford B. Casey (Professor, Sul Ross State University, Alpine, TX)
Dissertation: The Disposition of Political Proposals by the Various Pan American Conferences, 1889-1928

Walter Prescott Webb (Professor, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX)
Dissertation: The Great Plains

Henry Ford White
Dissertation: The Economic and Social Development of Arkansas Prior to 1836

Amelia W. Williams (Professor, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX)
Dissertation: A Critical Study of the Siege of the Alamo and of the Personnel of its Defenders
Supervised by: Eugene C. Barker

Edgar Otto Wood
Dissertation: Public Education in Louisiana during the Reconstruction Period, 1866-1876

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